The Best Choice For Concrete Mixes in the Greater St. Charles Area

Schreiter Companies have a wide range of quality concrete mixes to suit a number of applications. From standard concrete to mixes best suited to driveways, pools, or interior floors, we have what you need.

Our expert team can advise you on the best mix for your purposes. We have a 32 meter pump truck. several conveyor trucks, quality products and equipment for concrete placement and have mini-trucks to accommodate those smaller or hard-to-reach spaces. We are sure to have what need, so give us a call or stop one of our locations to discuss your options!


For anything concrete, think Schreiter. We have the best choice for:

»  A range of concrete mixes
»  Redi-Rock blocks and B-Blocks
»  Integral concrete color
»  Buckeye UltraFiber
»  Wide range of supplies including sealers, aggregates and re-bar
»  Day 1 Finishing Aid

We can handle any volume, small or large, and only supply products of the highest quality.